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Decades ago, a Company embarked on the journey to understand the twin benefits of a meaningful combination of medicine and nutrition.  That Company - Alchem International Ltd, which started making a significant impact years ago, has firmly arrived, with an array of nutraceutical products, duly acknowledged and widely accepted.

The processes, intensive research, planned investment, integrated capabilities, value additions through bio-technology, semi-synthesis, foot prints in the formulation space, directional  progression  and commitment to the cause has given the nutraceutical products of Alchem International  Ltd deserved respect by the international community.

The production facilities have US FDA, EU GMP and WHO accreditations. Total commitment to quality drives the Company to its settled goals. Work towards growth resonates through the Company.

Alchem International with 75 years of experience in the phytochemical space has been diligently providing plant derived ingredients, active pharmaceutical ingredients and bulk drugs to all international significant geographies and the Company’s interest in skin care is logical to its dimensional growth.

Sheer Quality drives Alchem’s operations

Through perfect blend of science and nature, dedicated research, selection of finest botanical herbal extracts and focused technology, Alchem has successfully extracted the potent active molecules in the plant and offers it for nutraceutical use to help various companies spread wellness.

Humulus Lupulus
"For nutraceutical use, Alchem offers Humulus Lupulus with all its inherent benefits"

Humulus lupulus (hops) is a species of flowering plant in the Cannabaceae family, native to Europe, western Asia and North America. It is a dioecious, perennial, herbaceous climbing plant which sends up new shoots in early spring and dies back to a cold-hardy rhizome in autumn. In ancient times, the young shoots of Humulus lupulus were eaten as a vegetable and the dried flowers were used for their slight narcotic effect and sedative action in the treatment of mania, toothache, earache, and neuralgia. Modern herbal medicine uses hops as a sedative and mild hypnotic, as well as for its endocrine, free radical scavenging, and antitumor properties.

The majority of Humulus lupulus’ medicinal actions have been attributed to its flavonoid constituents. Flavonoids are composed of different chemical classes such as flavones, isoflavones, flavonols, flavanols, flavanones, and chalcones. Other prenylated flavonoids include isoxanthohumol and xanthohumol. Humulus lupulus’ pharmacological activity is principally due to its bitter resins, especially due to the α-acid component 2-methyl-3-buten-2-ol. The mechanism of action of the resin of Humulus lupulus consists of increasing the activity of the neurotransmitter γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) by modulating brain GABA(A) receptors, thus inhibiting the central nervous system (CNS).

Humulus lupulus is helpful for insomnia, anxiety and mood disturbance. It is especially useful for nervous exhaustion, nerve pain and in cases of restlessness, headache and indigestion.

The product addresses broad spectrum physiological concerns and has the band width and capabilities to meet expectations. Regular use should exhibit demonstrable results to inhibit various health related issues.

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