Scopolia Extract

Decades ago, a Company embarked on the journey to understand the twin benefits of a meaningful combination of medicine and nutrition. That Company - Alchem International Ltd which started making a significant impact years ago, has firmly arrived, with an array of nutraceutical products, duly acknowledged and widely accepted.

The processes, intensive research, planned investment, integrated capabilities, value additions through bio-technology, semi-synthesis, foot prints in the formulation space, directional progression and commitment to the cause has given the nutraceutical products of Alchem International Ltd deserved respect by the international community.

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Alchem International with 75 years of experience in the phytochemical space has been diligently providing plant derived ingredients, active pharmaceutical ingredients and bulk drugs to all international significant geographies and the Company's interest in skin care is logical to its dimensional growth.

Sheer Quality drives Alchem’s operations

Through perfect blend of science and nature, dedicated research, selection of finest botanical herbal extracts and focused technology, Alchem has successfully extracted the potent active molecules in the plant and offers it for nutraceutical use to help various companies spread wellness.

Scopolia Extract
"For nutraceutical use, Alchem offers Scopolia Extract with all its inherent benefits"

Scopolia is a genus of five species of flowering plants in the family Solanaceae, native to Europe and Asia. Scopolia carniolica is a creeping perennial plant, with light green leaves and pale yellow to dull red flowers. Scopolia Extract, the active optical isomer of atropine (dl-hyoscyamine), is a tertiary amine anticholinergic gastrointestinal agent.

The applicable parts of scopolia are the rhizome and root. Scopolia root or rhizome contains 0.3% to 0.8% alkaloids, primarily L-hyoscyamine and lesser amounts of atropine and scopolamine. L-Hyoscyamine, the levorotatory isomer of atropine, is considered the active principle. Scopolia root has parasympatholytic activity. It is a competitive antagonist of acetylcholine, acting preferentially at the muscarinic receptors. Scopolia has antispasmodic effects, relaxing the smooth muscle of the gastrointestinal tract and bile ducts. Scopolia root can eliminate muscular tremors and muscular rigidity caused by central nervous impulses. It also has positive chronotropic and dromotropic effects.

Scopolia extract is used for spasms of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, bile ducts, and urinary tract, and for liver and gallbladder complaints. Scopolia is also used orally as a diuretic, sedative, hypnotic, narcotic, for dilating pupils, and pain relief.

The product addresses broad spectrum physiological concerns and has the band width and capabilities to meet expectations. Regular use should exhibit demonstrable results to inhibit various health related issues.

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