Our Strengths

alchem international limited

Trusted Partner

At Alchem our commitment to our customers is a way of life. We have become the supplier of choice of many global Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Nutraceutical brands with some of our collaborations spanning over three decades.

Customers are welcome to visit our facilities and we are audited by over 20 customers on an annual basis. In addition to industry leading manufacturing, quality control and quality assurance systems, we also provide unrivalled regulatory and customer service.

Our partnerships with few of the most trusted brands across the world bears testimony to our values and expertise.

Advanced Technology

Advanced technology that delivers world class quality is at the heart of all our processes. Alchem International Pvt. Ltd. operates state of the art manufacturing facilities with a range of technologies and proprietary process of extraction, isolation and purification of plant molecules and synthesis of natural compounds.

Our two main manufacturing sites are GMP approved. Ballabgarh (WHO GMP, US FDA) and Neemrana (WHO GMP) comply with International Conference on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH Q7A) for registration of drugs in regulated markets worldwide.

For cosmetic and food ingredients products we also offer the economical solution of non-GMP production at our Lepro facility.

Our laboratories employ the latest analytical techniques and equipment, which are validated according to ICH protocols. We are experts in the analysis of plant actives and work closely with regulatory bodies in the development of pharmacopoeia monographs.

Manufacturing Capabilities:

3 manufacturing sites spread across 62 acres (25 hectares).
Over 10,000 metric ton annual extraction capacity across 7 extraction lines.
7 multi-product clean room blocks with spray drying and micronization.
Class 100,000 clean rooms for injectable grade APIs.
Milligram to Gram to Kilogram scale.
Containment facilities for Cytotoxic compounds.
In-house biotechnology capability to reproduce natural chemistry through bioconversion.
Synthetic reaction capabilities for Hydrogenation, Bromination etc.

Analytical Capabilities:

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
Gas Chromatography (GC)
Ultraviolet–Visible Spectroscopy (UV-Vis)
Infrared (FTIR)
Particle Size Analyzer


At Alchem International Pvt. Ltd. we use proprietary processes for extraction to ensure that our plant extracts contain the broad spectrum of compounds found in the raw herb not only the marker compounds. We call these extracts – PhytoAdvance™

Alchem’s Phytochemical Extracts – PhytoAdvance™ – represent the quality assurance that comes from 75 years of experience in using science and precision technology to manufacture Phytochemicals that have the highest levels of purity, balance and potency. All our PhytoAdvance™ are backed by research and clinical studies.

Contact us to learn more about :

Boswelia PhytoAdvance™
Milk thistle PhytoAdvance™
Coleus Forskolin PhytoAdvance™
Worldwide Distribution

With offices across Asia, Europe and the North America we are well placed to provide prompt sales and technical support.

Our global offices:

Alchem International Pvt. Ltd.
25/2 Mathura Road,
Vill Kalli

Alchem International AG
Stabile Vedeggio 1,
Via Industria
6814 Lamone

North America

Alchem USA Inc.
5810 Baker Road, St 240
Minnetonka, MN 55345

Health, Safety and Sustainability

We are committed to conducting business in a manner that will safeguard safety and wellbeing of our partners and employees and to protect the environment. Our aim is Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) performance excellence and we seek to continuously improve our HSE performance and meet or exceed industry best practices.

We recognize our responsibility to the environment and for over 45 years Alchem International’s procurement team has worked with medicinal plant growers and collectors to build long term relationships. Plant raw material is sourced responsibly by sustainable wild collection or from farms operating in accordance with GAP standards with pesticides use limited to a strict minimum and in conformance Pharmacopeia standards.