18 Beta Glycyrrhetinic Acid

Age and Ageing…conjunctive…they go hand in hand. Time kicks on and so does age. To look young, vibrant with a glowing skin is not aspirational. It is a need. We respect that!

Alchem International with 75 years of experience in the Phyto-chemical space, provides plant derived active ingredients to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical industries. Natural extracts, customized synthesized intermediates, dietary supplements & API's form the nature of our company’s business.

Production sites are US FDA, WHO and EU GMP certified.

Sheer Quality drives Alchem’s operations

Through perfect blend of science and nature, dedicated research, selection of finest botanical herbal extracts and focused technology, Alchem has successfully extracted the potent active molecules in the plant and offers it for cosmetic use in powder form which improves the skin matrix effectively addresses pigmentation, skin disorders, sores, photo-ageing, reduces wrinkles, cuts down cellulite, decongests pores and reduces sebum production leaving skin relaxed balanced and renewed. The package elevates skin care into a new generation of quality and purity.

“For cosmetic use, Alchem offers 18-Beta glycyrrhetinic acid with all its inherent benefits”

Glycyrrhiza glabra, also known as licorice and sweetwood, is native to the Mediterranean and certain areas of Asia.  The primary antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds found in Licorice Root are the glycosides - glycyrrhizin and glycyrrizinic acid, flavonoids, and saponins. Glycyrrhizin, a triterpenoid compound, accounts for the sweet taste of licorice root. This compound represents a mixture of potassium-calcium-magnesium salts of glycyrrhizic acid that varies within a 2-25 percent range. 18-beta-glycyrrhetinic acid is a
pentacyclic triterpenoid derivative of the beta-amyrin type obtained from the hydrolysis of glycyrrhizic acid.



98.0% to 101.0% w/w


White crystalline powder

Level of use

0.5 – 3 %

Loss on Drying

1.0 % w/w


Soluble in Ethanol 96%, Propylene glycol, Ethoxydyglycol

Heavy Metals NMT 20ppm

18-Beta glycyrrhetinic acid exhibits anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-neoplastic properties, thus helping in improving the immunity of the skin. Recent research has demonstrated the powerful anti-inflammatory and hydrating characteristics of Licorice Root in the successful treatment of eczema. Topical licorice preparations have been used to sooth and heal skin eruptions such as psoriasis and herpetic lesions, atopic eczema, seborrhaeic dermatitis, pruritis vulvae or insect stings, UV-induced erythemas, burning sensations and sensations of heat. It naturally repairs, soothes and relieves sensitive and irritated skin, making it an ideal choice for personal care applications like skin care, body care, baby care and after shave/after sun products.

The product addresses broad spectrum concerns on skin care and has the band width and capabilities to meet expectations. Regular use should exhibit demonstrable results.

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